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Over hundreds of exquisite jewelry styles, STJ provides stock of finished products worth more than 5 million all year round to support easy spot wholesale service.

Q: What’s your wholesale jewelry service?

A: Our company has two major jewelry lines: the fashion jewelry line and the fine jewelry line.


The fashion jewelry line focuses on stainless steel costume jewelry, with innovative designs that closely follow the newest fashion trend. We release 50-100 new designs each month, and now there are more than one thousand finished jewelry styles in this line.


The fine jewelry line features classic jewelry styles made with brass, S925, and K gold embellished with various colored gemstones. We release 20-30 new designs each month, and this whole line also has over a thousand finished jewelry styles so far.


And we always have a large inventory for the above jewelry lines to support our wholesale jewelry service, and any spot orders can be arranged for delivery within 2-5 working days.


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