Things you need to know before giving a promise ring

promise ring

1.    What is a promise ring?

The promise ring is regarded as an engagement ring in many people’s fixed impressions. In an intimate relationship, giving your lover a promise ring represents a symbol of chastity, loyalty, and commitment. Therefore, before you give the promise ring to your lover, it’s really very important that you must clearly confirm your own mind and what you want to promise to your lover.

2.    What does a promise ring mean?

There is no doubt that the promise ring is a symbol of love promise. It signifies that both of you are not with short-lived infatuation and impulse in this relationship. Both of you are committed to operating a relationship with a sincere and loyal attitude. It also symbolizes the beautiful wish to step further together in this relationship. This is one of the reasons why many people regard a promise ring as an engagement ring now.

But strictly speaking, the promise ring can be regarded as an engagement ring, but it cannot fully represent an engagement ring. Because the engagement ring carries the promise and affirmation of marriage, but the promise ring does not.

3.    What finger does a promise ring go on?

Generally speaking, a promise ring does not have strict regulations on wearing on which finger like an engagement or wedding ring has. You can choose to wear it on the middle finger or ring finger, or even wear it as a necklace pendant on your neck. In addition, many people will wear the promise ring on their right hand after marriage.

4.    How to measure promise ring size?

You can use a soft ruler to measure the size of your finger. You only need to wrap the soft ruler around the thickest part of your finger and make the end of the soft ruler coincide with the top point of the soft ruler to measure the size, then compare and find your ring size according to the ring size table. If you don’t have a soft ruler, you can also use a paper band or a rope to measure the finger circumference, mark the overlapping position at the end, and then use a ruler to measure the length.

There is also another important thing, the ring size should be adjusted appropriately according to the season. If you are buying a ring in winter, your fingers are a half to one size thinner than in summer caused by the cold weather. Therefore, you should choose a ring that is able to rotate left and right but not fall off easily while wearing it in winter. And it is better to choose a ring a little bit tighter while wearing it in summer.

5. How to choose a promise ring if under a limited budget?

The promise ring can be made of any metal or inlaid with any gemstone. If you have a limited budget, except for the classic gold and platinum rings, the sterling silver rings which symbolize sincerity and purity will also be a very good choice as well. And it is not necessary to choose expensive precious gemstones that exceed your capacity. You can try to choose the birthstone according to the birth month of your lover, this will be way more special actually.

In general, the promise ring does not mean that the most expensive is the best. In fact, the most important thing is your faithful promise and hope for love behind the promise ring.

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