Things you need to know before giving a promise ring

promise ring
1.    What is a promise ring? The promise ring is regarded as an engagement ring in many people’s fixed impressions. In an intimate relationship, giving your lover a promise ring represents a symbol of chastity, loyalty, and commitment. Therefore, before…

How to care for and clean gold-plated silver jewelry

colored zircon silver jewelry set
I believe that many people have the same experience as me, the gold-plated silver earrings, bracelets, and rings which we wear often, the surfaces get dark or fade, and even become smelly after a period of time. Many people will…

How to choose the right earrings according to face shapes?

earrings according to face shapes
Many people may have the same question, how to choose the right earrings under tons of earrings options with various styles? Actually the answer is quite simple, just choose earrings according to face shapes. And as there’re different matching skills…
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