Jewelry Customization

Custom Design Process
custom laser ring

From concept to reality – just that easy!

Want to make your own jewelry design?

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Q: I want to make my own jewelry, do you provide jewelry customization services?

A: Definitely yes! We have a professional design team that can assist customers in creating custom jewelry based on their own drawings or jewelry samples.


And what’s more, if customers want to customize jewelry without drawings or samples, we support making simple customizations by transforming our existing jewelry styles. We provide various mix & match options, such as replacing gemstones with different colors, using other metal materials, or changing surface processes to make it into your personalized jewelry simply.


Most importantly, we support sampling for one piece and can complete it within 25-30 days after confirming the details, ensuring that customers can have their own unique jewelry in a short time. Our designers and craftsmen are experienced professionals who can ensure that every customized piece of jewelry is refined and meets the requirements and expectations of our customers.

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