How to choose the right earrings according to face shapes?

earrings according to face shapes

Many people may have the same question, how to choose the right earrings under tons of earrings options with various styles?

Actually the answer is quite simple, just choose earrings according to face shapes. And as there’re different matching skills caused by the features from different face shapes, let’s take a look at the matching tips below for the most common face shapes:

Earrings for round face

Round face usually with small forehead, short chin, and wider cheekbones relatively, and the depth & width of the face are similar as well, then the whole face looks chubby in visually. It’s a kind of face with horizontally expanding lines.

According to these features, when choosing earrings for round face, it’s wise to choose earrings in vertical linear shape. Therefore, the long drop earrings are very good choices. The long drop earrings help to lower the center of the round face, elongate the full face in visual nicely, make it appears more oval.

On the contrary, as round face is with horizontally expanding lines in visual, it’s very important to avoid things like the large square or large round earrings, these are bad choices to enlarge and widen the round face in visual.

  • Recommended earrings: long drop earrings.
drop earrings
drop earrings
drop earrings

Earrings for square face

The mandible of the square face is very clear and angular, the length & width of square face are almost the same as well, so the outline of the square face looks a little bit tough in visual. For people with square faces, sometimes they look serious easily if they choose wrong earrings on themselves.

In regard, earrings in curved & soft linear shapes can soften the toughness from square face. Drop earrings or asymmetric earrings in vertical shapes are excellent choices for people with square faces.

In addition, the square face is kind of horizontal face outline. It’s suggested to avoid the square or triangular earrings, or earrings which parallel to the square point of the face. These mentioned earrings will make counterproductive result, and enlarge the square face double times in visual.

  • Recommended earrings: Drop earrings or asymmetric earrings in vertical shapes.
tassel drop earrings
drop earrings
asymmetric huggie earrings

Earrings for long face

The long face is very similar to the square face, it is also with clear and angular mandible, and tough outline, but longer than the square face. Secondly, the long face is a vertical face type with wide mandible.

Considering these factors, earrings in vertical shapes, such as teardrop earrings, linear earrings, or long triangle earrings will make the long face looks more longer and narrower.

The best options for long face are that kind of earrings in wider and horizontal shapes. Those big earrings in horizontal design help to widen the proportions of long face. And the circular or fan-shaped pearl and gem stud earrings can also help to shorten the length of the face and make the full face looks more harmonious visually. Besides, the length of the earrings should not exceed the chin.

  • Recommended earrings: horizontal shapes earrings, circular or fan-shaped pearl and gem stud earrings.
flower stud earrings
stud earrings
Elegant white pearl sterling silver huggie earrings

Earrings for heart face

The whole outline of heart shape face is very similar to T-shape, the chin is tilted forward, the forehead width is slightly smaller than the cheekbones, but larger than the mandible, presenting with a wider upper part and narrow bottom part in visual.

To the heart face, it is recommended to choose an earring style which is in opposite shape to the face to make a balance and modify the narrow chin in visual.

In addition, please also be careful to avoid any large round earrings, which will widen the widest point of the cheek. And earrings in inverted triangle style will make the forehead looks bigger & wider.

  • Recommended earrings: earring style which is in opposite shape to the heart face.
Vintage green zircon sterling silver earrings
Tassel sterling silver drop earrings
Drop-shaped sterling silver earrings

Earrings for oval face

Oval face is also with rounded outline, but it’s way longer and more balanced than the round face relatively. Oval face could be seen as kind of ideal face shape without any major restrictions basically.

For suggestions, it’s recommended to choose curved shape earrings to match the curved outline of the oval face. Secondly, as oval face also could be seen as long and in vertical expansion line, comparing to the vertical slim linear earrings, horizontal design earrings will make better balance visually.  

  • Recommended earrings: curved and horizontal design earrings.
Opal & quartz tassel sterling silver earrings
Labradorite sterling silver drop earrings
Pink blossom sterling silver drop earrings

Earrings for diamond face

As it’s called diamond face, this face type is narrow in both of top and bottom, but slightly wider in the middle. It makes the diamond face looks visually elongated, and the widest point falls on the position of the cheekbones. Therefore, there’re similarities between diamond face and heart face, the most important is how to make balance and soften the outline from cheekbones to chin.   

Obviously, any large earrings close to the cheekbones are not suitable for diamond face, it will enlarge the widest point of the face.

It’s highly suggested to choose teardrop earrings, fan-shape earrings, tassel earrings with spread tails, or all the earrings with length to the jaw, they can make harmonious balance for diamond face.

  • Recommended earrings: teardrop earrings, fan-shape earrings, tassel earrings with spread tails, or all the earrings with length to the jaw.
Star tassel sterling silver hoop earrings
teardrop earrings
tassel earrings

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